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Need to send money home from Cyprus?
Opal Transfer is the answer.

Opal Transfer provides excellent money transfer services since 2003. Your money is transferred fast to your receiver on the same day, in a secure and protected way.

Why Opal Transfer?

  • Low commission only €1.00 for any transfer
  • Fast same day money transfers
  • Customer service from 11:00 until 21:00
  • We speak your language
  • Best Exchange Rate
  • Over 300 000 clients have already trusted Opal Transfer
  • 16 years of growth and excellent service
  • With us, you can do the money transfer from anywhere and anytime!

Why 300 000 people have already trusted Opal Transfer?

  • Opal Transfer works for 16 years
  • Opal Transfer is authorized to provide money transfers in all of the EU countries, including Cyprus by the Central Bank of Cyprus
  • Opal Transfer has over € 7 000 000 of its capital
  • Our financial results are audited by professional auditors every year with results published in Companies House
  • Opal Transfer constantly appears in the conventional media - Financial Times, Evening Standard, FinExtra and others

Why are we cheaper than others?

  • We do not have numerous branches in Europe
  • We do not spend money on conventional advertising. Instead, our clients recommend our services to friends, and we use Facebook
  • We use local banks in each country to save on international costs
  • We have 16 years of expertise to transfer money effectively and cheaper

Essential facts about Opal Transfer in Cyprus

Opal Transfer is a money transfer company, established in 2003, covering EU countries, Russia and Ukraine.

In our 16 years of growth and excellent service we have served over 300 000 clients, including 25 000 Bulgarians, 16 000 Romanians from the UK only.

From 2018 we started our expansion into other EU countries, and we process over 1000 transactions each month from other EU countries, such as from Lithuania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, and others.

This year we launched our service in Cyprus and we are excited to see how fast we are getting excellent results. In the first few weeks after the start, we got over 200 new clients who registered to send money from Cyprus to Romania and Bulgaria.

Opal Transfer is licensed and authorized to provide money transfers as Payment Institution by Financial Conduct Authority, License No 533677.

To find our registration with the Central Bank of Cyprus, please follow the link below. Go to the bottom of the page and download the Excel sheet of the Register, see Sheet called "PI Passported to CY."
The Central Bank of Cyprus Register of Financial Institutions

Getting started

For a start - grab your mobile phone and download Opal Transfer app from Google Play, App Store or Microsoft Store, alternatively, register from your computer.
It is entirely free and easy to use.

  1. Registration

    For registration, you will need to type in: your name, surname, email, your address, and mobile phone number.

    As we are a licensed and regulated company, in most cases, we would need proof of identity, to make sure this is the real person trying to use our service.

  2. Adding the recipient

    Write in name and surname of the person you are sending money to and the bank account number in IBAN format if you are sending money to EU country. You can also send money to your account in your native country – in this case, add yourself as a recipient and provide your bank account number IBAN.

    In case of transfers to Russia and Ukraine we deliver money from Cyprus to any bank cards, therefore you need to add cardholders name and surname as it appears on the actual card and the 16 digit card number.
    If you are adding a recipient in the UK – type in the sort code and account number.

    In case you have any questions – please call our customer service line +357 2223 2300 — more information about our Customer service you will find below.

  3. Making your transfer: pay by bank or pay by card?

    So, you added your recipient, typed in the amount you would like to send and now it is a moment to choose how to make the transaction. Pay by bank or pay by card?

    The easiest, fastest, and cheapest option is to pay by card. Type in the card number, expiry date, and CVV code. Press pay. Depending on your bank you might need to use One Time Password sent to your mobile phone as SMS from your bank. That's it. Done.

    If you have online banking, press the "Pay by bank" button, and follow the instructions. You will need to transfer the specified amount into the given account number adding the transfer number into the payment reference. Once we receive this payment – we will proceed it at our end, and your recipient will get the money. Your bank in Cyprus, however, might charge you for this service.

Available destinations

At Opal Transfer, we continuously add some new destinations into our list. We are very excited to share that from now you can send money from Cyprus to:

  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Poland
  • United Kingdom
  • Russia
  • Ukraine


Here comes the best part of it. To all EU destinations available from Cyprus the commission for a transfer is only €1, for any amount you send!

Customer support

We are famous for our multilingual Customer Service team. This crew is continuously surprising everyone in the company with the devotion and helpfulness they demonstrate daily.

For your convenience, we launched Romanian, Bulgarian, Russian, and English customer service lines for our customers residing in Cyprus.

Need help with your first transfer? Have questions? Call the number +357 2223 2300 and get all the answers immediately.

Additional documents you might need

As mentioned previously, we operate in the industry regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority we are obliged to follow specific procedures. To make the story short – sometimes we might need to ask you to provide additional documents – such as additional ID or proof of income. It might sound complicated, but in reality, it is just a couple of photos or documents you definitely have.

Why do we need to ask for additional documents?

The laws fighting terrorism and anti-money laundering require us to identify the money sender. The documents you provide are all kept secure and protected and used only in accordance with Data Protection laws.

Get the mobile application

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