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About us

Opal Transfer has been involved in the money transfer business for more than 18 years. 

Our company is constantly growing and improving, and we take very seriously our customers' demand for quality. Learn more about our history from the timeline below which shows the path we’ve taken to develop our current business.

23 APRIL 2003

Establishment of Opal Transfer.
The current managing director, Gita Petkevica, founded the company.

JULY 2003

The first Opal Transfer branch was opened in Central London on Victoria Street, and customers started making transfers. The main money transfer countries at the time were Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, and Uzbekistan.

27 JULY 2003

An Opal Transfer customer completed our first money transfer

The destination country was Georgia.

October 2003

Opal Transfer made its 1000th money transfer. Back then, it took as long as three months to complete the transfers that we currently make in one day.

2004 - 2005

Opal Transfer began money transfers to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.​

July 2005

Opal Transfer expanded and moved to larger premises in London’s Grosvenor Gardens, creating a transfer office and the Customer Service division.


Opal Transfer joined the United Kingdom Money Transmitters Association (UKMTA).

September 2005

Opal Transfer completed its 100,000th money transfer.

October 2005

Opal Transfer began to sponsor the largest UK’s free newspaper printed in the Russian language, Angliya.

December 2005

Faced with increasing demand for its services, Opal Transfer opened a branch in East London (Stratford).


Opal Transfer established a call centre for processing money transfers. Clients were able to deposit money into the Opal Transfer account via their own bank or online banking. Then they could contact the call centre to complete the transfer. Opal Transfer grew to more than 10 employees.


Opal Transfer began money transfers to Poland.

December 2007

Another Opal Transfer branch opened. This one in West London (Shepherd's Bush).


Opal Transfer grew to more than 20 employees.

June 2009

The number of transfers exceeded 1 million.


Opal Transfer began money transfers to Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.


Opal Transfer grew to more than 30 employees.


The range of services was expanded with transfers to Slovakia.


Opal Transfer became a fully licensed payment company. The company was licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The license was issued under the Payment Services Directive on security of payment services and money transfers. Our FCA number is 533677.

July 2011

The number of transfers exceeded 2 million.

March 2013

Opal Transfer crossed the threshold of 3 million transfers.

November 2013

Opal Transfer stopped all cash transactions at branches. Money could now only be transferred in electronic form.

December 2013

Opal Transfer exceeded 1 billion pounds of transfers.

5 January 2014

Opal Transfer introduced the online transfer platform where customers can transfer money over the internet. Transfers are paid for through a bank transfer or with a debit card.

April 2014

The Grosvenor Gardens office was closed and a new, spacious head office was opened in the centre of London on King William Street.

October 2014

One of Opal Transfer’s first employees, Olga, celebrated her 10th anniversary with the company.

January 2015

Opal Transfer introduced a mobile application to enable money transfers direct from your smart phone. 

October 2015

Opal Transfer launched same day money transfers to Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic and Slovakia, becoming one of the fastest in the market with funds delivery in one day.

March 2016

Opal Transfer covers all Europe! Now you can send money to all EU countries and to Norway, Monaco and San Marino. Same day money delivery is guaranteed for most of the destinations.