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Upload documents

Transfers are closely monitored and regulated worldwide. To prevent money laundering or other illegal transactions, Opal Transfer applies preventive procedures in accordance with HMRC and FCA rules. For this reason, we may sometimes ask you to send or upload from this page a copy of your ID or passport, proof of address or proof of income source. You will find all the information about how, when and what documents should be sent to us below.

Please read it carefully.

Scan or
take a photo

This is one of the easiest ways

to create document copies. The only requirement is that you take good quality images. Your photo should be sharp and clear. Please make sure there are no shadows or obstructions. 

Both sides
of your ID card

If you choose to scan a personal identification card, be sure to get an image of both sides. Please ensure that all important information is included with nothing left off; for example, don’t leave the bottom edge off a document if that part carries the serial or document number. 

passport copy

If you are going to send us a

copy of your passport, scan both of the pages containing identification information. Remember that high-quality, clear photos without any obstructions are approved

much faster.

Required documents

Proof of id

  • Passport copy
  • Copy of ID card
  • Copy of UK driver's license
  • Certified copy of passport (mandatory document for transfers outside EU)*

Proof of address

  • Bank statement
  • Electricity, gas or water bill, landline telephone bill, utility bill (council tax)
  • Copy of UK driver's license (if not used for identity confirmation)
  • Lease agreement
  • Bank loan extract
  • Home, car or life insurance

Proof of income

  • Bank statement with regular income, such as salary, stipend or other income
  • Bank statement with one-time large deposits, such as a transfer from the sales of a home, a car, or other property, insurance benefit, bank loan, inheritance etc.
  • Savings account statement with regular or one-time income
  • Along with a bank statement, we recommend sending us the original proof of the source of income, which may be your payroll (payslip), invoice, and sale contract, etc.

sending up to
for the first time

sending up to
in 90 days

sending up to
£10 000
in 90 days

sending over
£10 000
in 90 days

Important note: Opal Transfer reserves the right to request additional documentation. The document confirming your residential address must have been issued within three months of the date of the upload. Also, it should not have been obtained via the internet. If you are unsure about the type of documents or our upload requirements, please call Opal Transfer’s Customer Service Centre for further help.

Required documents may vary for payments initiated outside the UK or where payment destination country is outside the EEA.​

* Certified document is a document approved by an appropriate person, for example, an independent professional person, solicitor, a family doctor, an accountant, civil servant, notary or officer of HM armed forces.


Your personal details are safe with Opal Transfer

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