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Transfer outside EU
How to send money outside the EU?

Need to make a money transfer to a country which is not a member of the EU? 

Opal Transfer is able to help you and offers favourable rates.


Just select the transfer method that suits you best.

Then follow 3 steps
Specify recipient

To make a transfer outside the EU,

please tell us the destination country plus the payee’s name and place of birth. The payee’s patronym is also required for transfers to Russia and Uzbekistan.

Make a transfer

Transfer money to our

account and insert your full name as a payment reference. Remember that you can only pay by debit card at Opal Transfer branches. Cash is not accepted.


Withdraw money

Tell the recipient the unique

transfer number that you received from the Customers Services adviser. The payee has to show his/her ID to withdraw money from the agreed bank branch on the

next business day.

Our account

Please note that transfers to our account can only be made via online banking. No cash deposits.

When making a transfer, please specify your name and customer number in the payment reference.